Pure Zees is a breakthrough product. It is the World’s First Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ infant mattress that is scientifically tested in accordance with internationally recognised trigger factor avoidance recommendations, including allergens and irritants, suitable for those with asthma and allergies.
Besides being Certified asthma & allergy friendly™, there are also other very important features that strive to better and improve the conditions and convenience of your baby’s sleep environment.


The special inner core fibre and cover stop the passage of dust mite allergens using a safer physical mechanical method and NOT chemicals. Other manufacturers use chemical treatment or impregnation of the mattress cover which will eventually wear off from washing and through use.
Our method will work for the entire duration of the mattress’s proper use. It is really worth noting that we don’t yet know long-term if there are any possible negative effects on our health from those anti-dust mite chemicals used by others. Regarding specifically the use of biocides in mattresses (such as silver), PAN International (Pesticide Action Network) say that there is a real possibility that the use of biocides in textiles and mattresses could lead to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and this has already been indicated by several laboratory studies. They also say that biocides could pose a direct threat to human health if they lead to the survival of some harmful bacteria which are resistant to antimicrobial products. 


Covering the inner core of special fibre is a HPU layer. HPU stands for hyper breathable polyurethane. The advantage of this technical cover is that it is microporous. This means that it has the ability to keep liquids from penetrating the inner core while still maintaining its breathable properties. 
Effectively, this means that it prevents urine, vomit, nappy leakage, and dribble from contaminating the inner core. Any of these wet accidents could cause bacteria from the resultant and unwanted mess inside the fibre. Once inside, it is impossible to clean thoroughly. 
Most importantly, the mattress is waterproof while still remaining breathable for your baby’s skin. Most mattresses require a waterproof mattress topper or protection sheet and these can ultimately lead to clamminess and sweating and make it quite uncomfortable for your baby. Many waterproof toppers make unsubstantiated claims to be also breathable - ours has been tested and proven to be so.


When we designed the mattress we knew how important is to make it an easy clean & care mattress. The top comfort layer cover is elasticised onto the mattress and so simple to remove one handed. After any soiling, or if it is just time to wash the mattress, all that is necessary is to hand or machine wash the elasticised comfort layer cover and wipe down the HPU layer with warm soapy water and towel dry the surface, before returning a clean elasticised top comfort layer cover to the mattress. For the comfort and safety of your baby we recommend the top comfort layer cover be put back on the mattress before your baby is laid down to sleep on it. You may, if you wish, also place a tightly fitted sheet over this but it is not necessary because of the comfort and practical aspects of the elasticised layer. 


The elasticised comfort layer cover is a unique microfilaments material developed in Europe. It combines softness with optimal micro ventilation. What this simply means is that the airflow ability of the material will carry the moisture away and help evaporate any sweat. It is a temperature control that will not be a cause of overheating for your child. It is easy to hand or machine wash at 40°C and tumble dry at low temperatures. 


One of the added benefits of this unique mattress is that it can be reused for subsequent babies. Because the mattress prevents any contaminants from getting into the mattress core, the mattress can be used by another child. When your child has grown out of using this mattress, we recommend that you wipe it down and wash the top comfort layer cover before returning it to the bag which it came in and store it away in a dry clean area for reuse at another time. 


The Pure Zees baby mattress is fire resistant and conforms to FR standard BS 7177:2008. The really good news is that the mattress is inherently fire retardant and we have not had to add any chemicals to the mattress in order to achieve this standard. 


When considering any mattress for your baby it is vital that you are aware that the firmness of the core is one of the really important factors for your baby’s safety. Unlike an adult mattress where some of us would prefer a nice comfy spongy mattress, babies need a mattress core that is nice and firm and does not sag in the middle. This is an extremely important safety requirement and we believe that for babies a hard mattress is much safer for them than a soft mattress. In the manufacturing of our mattress we use an environmentally sustainable fibre that has also been tested for harmful emissions and irritants. 

From the very beginning of the development of our baby mattress we knew we had to avoid the use of foam which is well known for its poor chemical properties and emissions. We also believe that any baby mattress foam that leaves an indentation mark (such as memory foam or other name types) after you take your baby up off it is not safe to use, as besides the already mentioned chemicals in foam, there is also the risk of carbon dioxide pooling - rebreathing the exhaled carbon dioxide. This level of spongy comfort for your baby is just not worth it.  

Pure Zeez Cot Mattress 60x120

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